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Light Extension


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  • Improves night-time capabilities
  • Eliminates muzzle shadow
  • Reduces gunpowder residue coating your light
  • Lightweight 7075 aluminum
  • Fits Surefire scout mount
  • Fits StreamLight Protac
  • Fits Odin OLIGHT
  • M-LOK compatible
  • Mounting hardware included

Specs: The Light Extension is 6 inches long with 3 adjustment configurations. The light mounts .4 inches away from the handguard.

Our Light Extension is a simple solution to the annoying problem of muzzle/suppressor shadow. This mount will push your rifle light out further until it is even with the muzzle of the gun. Doing this removes ALL muzzle shadow, giving you a greater field of view, heightening your situational awareness and drastically improving your capabilities while shooting in low-light situations. Additionally, by putting your light even with the muzzle of your rifle, you will no longer get carbon buildup on the surface of your light. This carbon, released from the muzzle when a round is fired, coats the face of your light, dimming your light over time. Normally, you would have to scrape that carbon off periodically. Using the Light Extension to move your rifle light even with the muzzle of the gun eliminates this problem entirely.